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Do you have struggles with your dog? Would you like your dog to walk nicely on leash, greet people without jumping, come when called and have more focus? At Canine Training Adventures we can help with these common behavior problems and more!

Pet Dog

For dogs 7 months and older
Class Length: 6 weeks
Cost: $120

Is your dog embarrassing to take out in public? Does he jump on people, pull you on leash or not come when called? We can help! In Pet Dog class we are turning dogs into adored family companions, transforming relationships from frustrations to fun!

Areas covered but not limited to: Walking nicely on leash, come when called, polite greetings, leave it, go to place, managing all that energy, sit, down, stay, calm dog and more!

What are you waiting for, sign up today! It's easy, just go to the Class Schedule page to see when the next class starts. Then click on the sign up button, it's that easy!

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