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We Have A Training Solution For Every Adventure!

Group Classes

Classes That Are Fun, Educational And Get Results!

Our innovative curriculum, small class size and force free, positive training methods not only make our classes successful, but rewarding too!

We set you up for success! Included with each class are emailed homework on the lessons covered each week, socialization workbook (puppy classes), teething ring (puppy classes) and online support.

If your not sure if your dog is ready for a group class, is reactive, gets over excited, barks and lunges around people or dogs, please sign up for a behavior consultation below, and let us determine the best training program.


If your class is full, to get notified of any openings, add yourself to our waiting list.

Behavior Consultations 

Let our friendly, professional trainers determine the reason for unwanted behavior and choose a training program that will best meet your goals. 

Days And Times Offered:

  • Tuesday’s between 10 and 2pm
  • Sessions last 1 hour
  • Includes emailed notes, lessons & video lessons (if apply)

On a budget? We offer PayPal Buy Now, Pay Later interest free and no fees.