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NASDA Practice

Looking for something fun to do with your dog? Try NASDA (North American Sports Dog Assoc.) games! If your dog likes to hunt, retrieve or search for things, they will love NASDA games!

Trail & Locate: a scent trail is laid out that leads to a rat in a caged hidden in nature. This could be in a fallen trees, shrubs or boulders. The dog uses it’s nose and natural hunt instinct to locate the rat.

Urban Locate: Is where dogs search for rats in a cage that are hidden amongst man made items like a stack of chairs, boxes, tubs etc. This activity simulates the use of dogs ridding rats from buildings. There are no hay bales.

Lost Item: Is where dogs search for one of the owners personal items or another persons item, depending on their training level. For example, they might search for gloves, hat, key’s, shoe’s or cell phone. 

Shed Hunt: the dog searches for an antler shed that was tossed into an outdoor environment. Once located the dog will retrieve the antler and bring to their owner.

No experience or special training is required. Sessions are 30 minutes and cost is $20, multiple sessions can be purchased. No limit on the number of dogs or number of runs during your time. Only one dog plays at a time. 

Contact Connie if you have any questions connie@caninetrainingadventures.com

Click HERE to sign up today! Next practice Saturday August 13th FULL

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Barn Hunt Practice

At this time we are no longer offering Barn Hunt due to the higher interest in the NASDA sports (trail and locate, urban locate, shed hunt and lost item) which are less labor intensive for us to host. Contact Valley Dog Sports for barn hunt.