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NOSE WORK FUN GAMES (will be offered at a later date)

This class is for dogs that have taken an introduction or beginner class to nose work. This fun activity and popular sport, allows dogs to use their natural hunting instinct to detect a scent and search out the source. Much like search and rescue or police dogs.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Search games
  • Learn how to start simple and add complexity
  • How to create fun experiences, not frustration
  • Searching indoors & outdoors
  • Fun homework to keep you both learning
  • Q & A time at end of each session

Class length: 5 weeks, cost $140

Starts (to be announced)

Instructor Janice Jenkins started doing nose work with her dogs Sydney and Bowie when NACSW first began classes in Portland, Oregon in 2010. Since then she competes with her current dog Sevilla at the Elite level, continues taking classes, practices weekly, volunteers at nosework trials and is now a nosework trial host. Janice notes; "you never stop learning about your dog as each takes to scent work very differently. It's fascinating to watch, and the dogs love the game! No need to compete - just have fun."



Trick Dog (will be offered in a workshop)

Trick Dog training is a fast growing sport in the dog world today! Teach your dog how to turn on a light, ring a bell, get in a box, take a bow, weave and more! We offer the AKC Trick Dog testing via video or in person! Contact us today!

Click the link to learn more https://www.akc.org/sports/trick-dog/about-trick-dog/



Dog Parkour (will be offered in a workshop)

Dog Parkour, takes elements of human Parkour and dog agility to create this challenging, yet fun, physical activity dogs love!

Unlike agility, Dog Parkour uses natural objects and obstacles in our environment, like benches, boulders, logs or stumps. Dogs learn to balance, jump, crawl, climbing and more!

Benefits of Dog Parkour:

  • Builds confidence
  • Teaches impulse control
  • Focus
  • Team work
  • Body conditioning
  • Flexibility
  • Body awareness