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Fast Track Program

Let us do the work for you! Our highly experienced, friendly trainers will quickly train your dog desirable behaviors and improve unwanted ones, so you can spend more time enjoying your dog and less being frustrated.

The Fast Track Program is perfect for those unable to attend class, no time for training, need help with challenging behaviors or just need help getting training started.

Training is done at our climate controlled facility and each training session last 45 minutes. Start by scheduling a consultation or contact us today!

Turn your frustration into fun with the Fast Track Program!   

Quickly Improve

  • Come when called
  • Leash walking, greetings
  • Attention, focus, distractibility
  • Leave it, general manners
  • Obedience, sit, down, stay
  • Impulse Control, overexcitement
  • Confidence issues for fearful and shy dogs
  • Reactivity towards dogs or people

Save Big On Our Discounted Training Packages!

  • Single lesson – $100
  • 4 lessons – $340 (save $60)
  • 6 lessons – $450 (save $150)

On a budget? Don’t worry, we offer PayPal Pay Later, no fees, no interest!

What’s Next?

Click the button below to schedule a consultation with one of our friendly, professional trainers. This will determine the number of lessons needed to reach your training goals. One time fee $135. Save big! Use Coupon Code FALL to save 20%!


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